Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 3

Visiting a new city full of history makes you reflect on an era gone by. New history is being made as we prepare to set a new president into office. Washington, DC is alive with activity. The structures are being built in honor of the occasion as the January 20th inauguration is quickly approaching. As much as DC would like to take God out of government, the evidence of His existence cannot be denied, even in a city where the enemy has a stronghold. The One in charge of all government is stronger and more powerful than any being trying to control the people by bidding them to enact laws to prohibit the continuation of the freedoms that our military has fought so hard to protect. Our system of government has been set in place to protect the people from tyranny and it's still working but will only continue to do so as long as God's people call on Him for support. Keep praying, He hears us!

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