Saturday, October 8, 2022

October 8, 2022

My birthday is in a few days, and Richard surprised me with a trip to the beach. I’m sitting here weeping because I’m so happy. We haven’t been since we sold our condo, and he knew I missed it. I look at pictures of it every day, but it’s not the same as being here. As I sit here writing and drinking my coffee, I hear the waves crashing on the shoreline. It’s comforting. We haven’t had a break since his dad passed in January, so it’s a welcomed getaway. I’m in my happy place, although it’s not because I’m at the beach. My happiness comes from the Lord, and I can find it wherever I am, but for some reason, I feel extra close to him when I am near the open water. He speaks to me in a different language when I’m here, not vocally, but through his creation. My feet haven’t touched the sand yet, so when he quiets me with his love and rejoices over me with singing, I will describe it to you the best I can. Find your happy place where you feel closest to God, and go there often. He wants to bless you with his presence, but it’s up to you to let him in.

The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Friday, October 7, 2022

October 7, 2022

There is no better place than in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. For the longest time, I’ve been obsessed with the thought of living water. Living water is what flows from you as a result of your belief in Jesus because of the Holy Spirit living within you. The world may be in chaos, but those who believe in Jesus have his peace and overflow with the living water given to us as a placeholder until he returns.

Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles, which, by the way, starts Sunday evening at dark. That’s when he spoke about the believers receiving the Holy Spirit once the Father glorified him. We are so fortunate to have him as our comforter. Imagine seeing what’s happening in the world today without understanding. We are blessed and peaceful because of him, even in these trying times.

On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” Now this he said about the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were to receive, for as yet the Spirit had not been given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. John 7:37-39

Thursday, October 6, 2022

October 6, 2022

One thing we can take to the bank; God is good to those who love him and scary to those who don’t. When I think about how corrupt our federal government is, I patiently wait because they won’t get away with their malicious deeds for much longer. I watched as president Biden met with Floridians yesterday over the disaster left by Hurricane Ian, and he couldn’t wait to tout his agenda rather than give comfort to the victims. I’m thankful Governor DeSantis didn’t give him much time to talk. How much longer must we wait for God’s recompense? We are all growing weary of living in filth under this tyrant. He is unfit and a mere puppet for the far left and their agenda. I’m sure God is building his case against him and the cronies who back him, and they will pay the price for their wickedness. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when God makes his move. I’ll tell you as I keep reminding myself; wait for it; he will surely make them pay for their unrighteous deeds. 

With the merciful you show yourself merciful; with the blameless man you show yourself blameless; with the purified you show yourself pure; and with the crooked you make yourself seem tortuous. For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down. Psalms 18:25-27

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

October 5, 2022

Aren’t we fortunate to trust in the Lord? We have put our hope in the only one who can save us from evil. Our Redeemer lives. He is our rock and fortress; we can run to him for shelter, hide under his wings and feel safe. The world is scary, yet we have Jesus to give us peace and tranquillity while we exist here. He has taken on every one of our sins and cast them far away. He has covered us with his holiness and made us presentable before the Almighty God. Today is a very significant day in the eyes of God. Please spend a few moments confessing and rejoicing that Jesus made atonement for all of our imperfections. Show him you love and appreciate all he has done to save us. I pray that you feel blessed by him today.

The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies. Psalms 18:2-3

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

October 4, 2022

Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur begins tonight at sunset and lasts until sunset tomorrow evening. According to some, it is the beginning of the Jubilee. Follow the link below for more information. 

Could this be the time of Jesus's return? If the dates are correct, it's entirely possible. That is good for some of us but not for others. Because we do not know the exact time of his return, we must stay ready.

During the preparations for Hurricane Ian, I know of people who didn't prepare for power outages, so they didn't acquire a generator or gas to power it. They were left scrambling to save their refrigerated food, and some had no power to their well for water. The gas stations were closed because they also needed power to run the pumps. The forecast gave us time to prepare, but many didn't heed the warnings. The time is now to prepare for Jesus's return. You never want to hear him say, “I never knew you.”

Monday, October 3, 2022

October 3, 2022

My thoughts about false teachers and preachers are correct; if they seek fame and fortune rather than doing the will of God, they speak by their own authority and are not from him. 

“If anyone's will is to do God's will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority. The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and in him there is no falsehood.” John 7:17-18

There are many "prophets" that the devil has planted among us. A "true prophet" will probably not identify as such because they do what God called them to do rather than seek fame. Many will be led astray by these so-called prophets; they are liars and will be dealt with by Jesus on judgment day. Choose carefully the teachers whom you listen to and believe. Discernment is crucial; staying immersed in scripture is critical.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

October 2, 2022

Storms come along and leave a mess. Then the next day, the sun comes out, and the weather is pleasant, but you still have a lot to clean up. The sooner you begin cleaning, the quicker the recovery. Doesn’t that ring true about our spiritual life also? When we receive the crushing blow of heartbreak, we tend to want to wallow in self-pity, hide away from others, and avoid involvement in the community. However, this storm will also pass. When the sun comes out, do you stay hidden or begin picking up the pieces and cleaning? If you remain where you are, the enemy will use that to continue to oppress you and hope you spiral into severe depression. Don’t let him win! It may take some time, but you have to start somewhere. Begin with the easy stuff, like going to dinner or the grocery store. Get out the rake and pick up a few limbs, and before you know it, your yard will be clean and you will smile again. 

Jesus said,

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.” Matthew 7:24-25