Saturday, January 9, 2021

January 9

What’s next for believers? Be strong and courageous, do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed; the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. 

If there was ever a perfect time for you to start listening to someone other than humans, it might be now. Tune into the Holy Spirit, but until you begin hearing him clearly, you must read the scriptures. When I first started studying the Bible, I began by only reading the red letters. That was eye-opening! If you’re not already reading your Bible, you could start there; the red letters are quotes from Jesus. The whole Bible is God-breathed, which means it comes directly from him, so it’s all God’s words, but if you concentrate your effort to learn the ways of Jesus, your belief will grow strong, and you will know his ways!

We cannot trust the news and social media; the time is now to begin strengthening our belief in Jesus. If you know him, you won’t be fooled by those who say they are him. 

I worked as a teller at a bank for many years. I knew what real money felt like because I touched it every day. If someone brought in a counterfeit bill, I knew it right away because it would feel different. To know Jesus is to study him, know his ways, so you are aware when a counterfeit presents himself.

Joshua 1:9; Matthew 10:28

Friday, January 8, 2021

January 8

All faithful Christ-followers are disappointed in the outcome of the election; it appears that our only hope for saving the lives of the unborn and keeping our liberty has vanished; however, evil is allowed to continue with its heinous actions and to thrive. We got it wrong... but not in the way you might be thinking. We put all of our hope in a man, when, as Christ-followers, our hope lies in the hands of Jesus and him alone. Yes, we are all sickened by the disgusting crimes against children and the turning of a blind eye to it; it’s not over, and the reason I know this is that we’ve all prayed for a light to be shined in the darkness and to expose the dirty underbelly of our society; it won’t be pretty, but we will see it. Will we be able to do anything about it? I doubt it, but God can. He sees every filthy detail of the lives of those who follow Satan; I’m looking forward to the day he flushes it all down into the sewer where it belongs. These things don’t only happen in the United States; the world is involved.

Where are we on the timeline of Christ’s return? I have no idea; my mission is to bring a word of hope and salvation and to instruct believers to let go of their past and face Jesus. What I do know is that it must be close; be ready! If you're like me, you don’t want to get left behind in this madness. 

There are many signs that the end is near including this one:

And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:11-13

Thursday, January 7, 2021

January 7

WE MUST FIGHT! We are soldiers of war and must prepare for the battle ahead of us. We don’t go to war like the unbelievers; our fight is not against flesh and blood. Those who fight physically are doing so because of the lies they believe; they are tools of the devil. Don’t get caught up in his scheme; it will only soil your reputation. It may appear that we are surrounded because the noise that the enemy makes is deafening, but remember, it’s just a sound. The truth is, the ones who are for us outnumber those against us. We have a two-thirds majority fighting for us in the heavenly realm. Relax, God has this under control, and we will prevail! There are some steps you MUST take to prepare yourself for this fight; these steps are not optional!

  1. Stand firm in your faith. Conquer unbelief.
  2. Repent and turn away from sin
  3. Read your Bible
  4. Trust God
  5. You must be saved through faith in Jesus.
  6. Listen to the Holy Spirit

By doing these things, you will be putting on the whole armor of God and will have the strength to fight and resist the flaming darts thrown by the devil. Do not neglect any of these steps! We need everyone in the battle against the schemes of the enemy.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Ephesians 6:12-13

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

January 6

We are not of this world; therefore, this world's governments have no power over us. They may do their best to shut down believers, but their plot to rid the world of our kind will not prevail. Do not be dismayed; do not fear. It may appear as if enemy forces are winning, but God is more powerful than any of Satan’s appointees. The forces of darkness have converged over our United States and appear to have won, but God’s plan will prevail. Here is the power that we have; the true believers will not be shaken by these situations and will hold onto their faith in Jesus. We will be given the ability to withstand any torment that we might face and the power to defeat our enemies as we step into the glory they will never see. Feel sorry for them because they are useful tools in the hands of Satan, and they can expect hell to welcome them with open arms because of their continued denial of the power of Jesus. God hears our cries for justice; he sees their evil ways. We will be vindicated; wait for it!

“Rejoice with him, O heavens; bow down to him, all gods, for he avenges the blood of his children and takes vengeance on his adversaries. He repays those who hate him and cleanses his people's land.” Deuteronomy 32:43

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January 5

I was coming home last night, and my lights shined on our newly painted bank of mailboxes. It was nothing unusual; however, they appeared to be white! I took a second look because I couldn’t believe my eyes, the boxes are black! Why would I notice that? They’re just mailboxes, but for some reason, God brought them to my attention. 

Here is the insight:

The message I have given you may seem to be bad news and void of the Spirit, but wait, when I spotlight it, my glory will shine through and make it as white as the brightest light.

I’m not trying to speak for God, but this is the message he gave me.

The world is in a time of crisis where evil forces are doing their dirty deeds, but God has something else in mind, and he will shine his bright light on it and cleanse us of this filth! Wait for it!

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Ephesians 5:11-14

January 5

Dorinda’s Story

The following story is from a friend who physically got lost in the swamp. Look how God turned their life into a living testimony. Thank you, Dorinda, for sharing it.

“We have an airboat and decided to try a different trail - we found the spot we were looking for; however, when it came time for us to go home, we took the wrong trails not once  but a few times - we even got stuck in the trees and pleaded with God to help us - Jeff had to get out of the boat and get us turned around so we could go back to the original spot - all the while we were scared and felt hopeless - we called a friend who called a friend who came to rescue us - sitting there waiting on our rescue there were buzzards flying above us - when our rescue arrived we were so excited we had been found - same goes with those of us who are lost and trying different ways to find the right way, and when the right way, God, rescues you, it fills you with joy and happiness.”

This story is an example of a living parable. When you least expect it, the devil comes to take what you owe him. We are in this world where he is in charge of testing our loyalty to God. We wander through this land, enjoying our time here on earth, following what we think is our own plan, but it’s the enemy’s plan, and he throws up roadblocks to turn us away from God, and this case, the swamp. After making it to what we assume is our destination, he convinces us into thinking we know our way back, and when we least expect it, turns our lives into chaos and confusion because his way is always the wrong way.

As you can see, when they became lost, the devil showed them signs of their pending doom, the buzzards, which further increased their sense of hopelessness. If you get lost in the swamp of this life, there is only One who can rescue you, and that is Jesus. Today, turn your heart to him and lay all your trouble at his feet. He wants to turn you around and give you the right direction for your life.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, January 4, 2021

January 4

As I was writing and studying this morning, I heard a knocking on the window. It sounded like someone setting off fireworks, so I got up to see what it was. Much to my surprise, it was a dragonfly that got caught in my screened enclosure and couldn’t escape. I caught it and let it out, but it came back in! Unfortunately, when I caught it again, I injured it, because now it’s dead. It makes me sad because I only intended to turn it loose so it could be free.

A dragonfly is harmless to humans, but to other insects, it is a ferocious predator! Ezekiel mentioned a dragon when God told him to raise a lamentation over the Pharaoh king of Egypt. His lament about the dragon was anything but harmless. I know it’s just a bug, but it is predatory, so I assume that’s why it’s called a dragonfly. Here’s the scripture:

“Son of man, raise a lamentation over Pharaoh king of Egypt and say to him: “You consider yourself a lion of the nations, but you are like a dragon in the seas; you burst forth in your rivers, trouble the waters with your feet, and foul their rivers. Thus says the Lord GOD: I will throw my net over you with a host of many peoples, and they will haul you up in my dragnet. Ezekiel 32:2-3

It makes me a little ill, considering how I caught and killed that dragonfly; it was with a net! Is this just a coincidence? I think not! We had each better get things right with God because the issues in the world resemble this lamentation. The wicked are being gathered and put on display, and the carrion birds will feast. Does the fact that I killed this dragonfly say what might happen to the dragon trying to take over our world? I hope so!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

January 3

Yesterday, I decided to take my new bicycle out for a ride through Indian Rocks Beach, it’s a little town just a bit down the road from my place. My new bicycle is an e-bike, which means it has motor-assisted power, so it goes a little faster than a regular bike. I had a hat on my head to help shield my face from the sun, but because of the force of the air as I cut through it, my hat flew off, and I had to backtrack to go and get it. I put it back on and secured it with a clip, but it happened again, only this time the clip held it. It caused me to stop anyway because it was hanging off the back of my head and had become a nuisance, so I took it off and attached it to my handlebars. 

There is so much to learn from this. The hat represents authority or covering. The air represents the Holy Spirit. The power bike represents a powerful or reactive ministry. So I have to think, am I getting ahead of the LORD? Or is the enemy trying to slow me down? However, if the air represents the Holy Spirit, I have to consider that I may be pushing forward too fast because my hat got knocked off twice, except that moving the cap to the handlebars put the authority back where it belongs, in the hands of God because he’s the one steering. If the enemy intended to throw me off my game or discourage me from moving forward with a new ministry, he lost. 

Remember that the enemy hates it when you work for the LORD and will try his best to discourage you. You must push through your disappointments or distractions; never quit.

For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if anyone builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw—each one's work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. 1 Corinthians 3:11-13