Wednesday, January 13, 2021

January 13

The United States has been dead for a while; as we patiently wait for Jesus to come and heal us, our corpse is beginning to stink, and the world has started mourning our death. Just like Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to come and heal their brother Lazarus, we have called to Jesus to come and heal us before we die, and now it seems too late. Is it still possible that we could see the resurrection of the body of our country? The hours are waning and now seems impossible. Our government is trampling our Constitution and shredding our Bill of Rights, and as our freedoms are taken away one by one, they no longer work for “we the people.” Will the government be dismantled entirely? It needs it! Those who are treasonous should be punished and pay the price for their disloyalty. Open your eyes! If you can’t see it, you’re the reason we are dead! The democrats and republicans are different sides of the same coin. They have all traded our country for their gain and care nothing for the people. It is hard to digest what is going on. But God, who wants all the glory, has put a plan in place to save his children, and I guarantee you we will glorify him for his faithfulness! Wait for it! God’s perfect plan never fails.

But when Jesus heard it he said, “This illness does not lead to death. It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” John 11:4

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