Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 16

Today is an exciting day, my nephew is getting married! Many guest and family members have been invited to witness this solemn event. The bride has readied herself and all are prepared for an evening of festivities and to watch this holy matrimony. God places a high value on marriage, so much so that He compares our salvation to a wedding. In Matthew, Jesus told a story of the wedding of the king’s son that none of the invited guests (the Jews) showed up. So the king sent his servants into the street to gather everyone (the gentiles - us) who would come because there was a feast waiting. When the king came in he noticed a man who wasn’t dressed appropriately for a wedding, he asked him how he got in and the man was speechless. Then the king had him bound and thrown into darkness where there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. Many are called, but few are chosen. Do you know who is chosen? All who are clothed in the purity and righteousness of Jesus. You can’t get there on your own. You need Jesus.

For many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14

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