Saturday, June 22, 2024

June 22, 2024

Jerusalem was ready to inhabit after repairing the wall and the temple. Jerusalem was a holy city, and most preferred to live where they would not face scrutiny for their behavior. They also didn’t want to live there because not much was happening, so it was harder to make a living there. So, to fill it with people and get the city up and running, they appointed one in every ten people to live there, with the rest living in the countryside. They needed city dwellers and country people to get Judah and Jerusalem going; both played an essential role in fulfilling everyone’s needs. The rest of Nehemiah 11 names the families living in Jerusalem and those living in the villages outside the city. 

Imagine being the one-tenth required to live in an empty city. We know it worked because Jerusalem is now a thriving metropolis, and people worldwide desire to visit and walk where Jesus walked and sit where he taught. Sometimes, God assigns us to work and dwell in places less desirable, but it’s for our good. Eventually, you will see that His hand placed you there because you will prosper spiritually and possibly even physically. The things that happen to you are not coincidences, good or bad; God can use them to train us for kingdom uses, just as he did the people assigned to live in the city of Jerusalem.

And the rulers of the people dwelt at Jerusalem: the rest of the people also cast lots, to bring one of ten to dwell in Jerusalem the holy city, and nine parts to dwell in other cities. And the people blessed all the men, that willingly offered themselves to dwell at Jerusalem. Nehemiah 11:1-2

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