Sunday, June 16, 2024

June 16, 2024

Though we are not quite the same as Judah and Jerusalem back in the day of Nehemiah, there are still some similarities. Nehemiah was rebuilding the wall to protect Jerusalem. Similarly, the American people want a wall to protect the United States from the invasion of foreign adversaries. Not only that, but our government has allowed inflation to rise, causing hardship for the average American, who are mortgaging their homes and borrowing money just to be able to eat; that was also happening in Nehemiah’s day. He was a good governor and became angry at the plight of his people, who were crying out because of the oppression by their fellow Israelites, who were taking the land and using the children as servants as repayment for food. He encouraged the oppressors to forgive the debt, and they agreed. Their oppression may have been punishment because they neglected to tithe to the temple, as mentioned in Haggai and Malachi. Some of what was happening to them was probably because of greed, but it could also be because they neglected to pay their dues to God. Does God hold us accountable if we do not help build up the church by paying our tithe? I believe He does because I can testify that when our tithes were supposed to be taken out monthly by the church, there was a glitch in the automatic system, and things began to go wrong without my knowledge, which affected us financially. Once we figured it out and caught up on our tithe, it plugged the financial hole. We have a healthy fear that keeps us giving to the church; it benefits the church and us. 

Never think that God doesn’t see what you do and what you fail to do. However, God gives back to you more than you can ever give to Him; you can count on it. You can never out-give God.

Then said they, We will restore them, and will require nothing of them; so will we do as thou sayest. Then I called the priests, and took an oath of them, that they should do according to this promise. Nehemiah 5:12

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