Saturday, December 26, 2020

December 26

Absolam set up his government to overtake the House of David. David was a mighty man of God, and Absolam will face defeat at the end of the story; even though it comes at a price and his very own people will die in the process, David will return to rule. All the people who bowed to Absolam will once again be subject to David. What a sad time for David to see his flesh come out against him to divide his kingdom and try to rule it. Even though Absolam convinced many that his ways were better than David’s, he was defeated before the battle even began when his hair got stuck in a tree and hung there for all to see. David didn’t want Absolam killed, but all who went into battle against him felt no remorse and slaughter him because his whole body was exposed, making him an easy target. Even though David was able to return to his kingdom, he was still heartbroken over the death of Absolam and the betrayal of the rest of the kingdom for following him. That day, the sun went down on the evil king who set out to rule unlawfully, and they all grieved because the only good that came from it was the exposure of the treasonous.

Then the king arose and took his seat in the gate. And the people were all told, “Behold, the king is sitting in the gate.” And all the people came before the king. Now Israel had fled every man to his own home. 2 Samuel 19:8

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