Tuesday, June 16, 2020

June 16

To the followers of Christ: I just started Chronicles in the Bible. Here is a short chronicle of my life for the past couple of days. Today is day three in my new home. Day zero, we moved. Day one, I unpacked the kitchen. Day two, a company we hired, sanded and stained the floors; nothing got unpacked, and we inhaled the fumes from the stain all night. They will begin polyurethaning the floors today. Unfortunately, I don’t have any juicy tidbits of information to share with you, unlike the Chronicles in the Bible! Some of the details that are shared in the genealogy of David, are a little unexpected. For instance:

Now Sheshan had no sons, only daughters, but Sheshan had an Egyptian slave whose name was Jarha. So Sheshan gave his daughter in marriage to Jarha his slave, and she bore him Attai. 1 Chronicles 2:34-35

David’s lineage is also Jesus’s lineage. Jesus overcame his earthly heritage; even though he is fully God, he is also fully man. He never mentioned that he was the son of a slave, but there is no doubt that he was, because his lineage doesn’t lie. We must overcome the slavery from our past sin, and the sin and shame of our forefathers, and point our eyes to the future; that’s what Jesus taught us while he ministered on earth. Don’t let your mind get stuck in the past; get beyond it, and become free.

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