Sunday, May 10, 2020

May 10

We, as Christians, don’t fully understand how much God is for us, and how he fights the evil that comes against us. I think it behooves us to refrain from becoming overzealous when going after our own because they are still chosen. We are imperfect as humans, and sometimes we get it wrong, but God is still for us. We may suffer the consequences for our behavior, but we are forgiven in the eyes of God because of our Savior Jesus. There are ministers and denominations that I don’t agree with, but other than making corrections to their misunderstandings by showing proper backing in the scriptures, we should not pursue to kill, but to correct. 

King David, even though Saul had pursued him to kill him, he didn’t commend the one who killed Saul, but had him killed. Saul was still chosen, even though he did evil. During the time when there were two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, Rechab and Baanah killed Ish-bosheth, the son of Saul, king of Israel, and brought the head to King David. Though they thought they had done a good thing, David considered it evil, and called Ish-bosheth a righteous man, and had Rechab and Baanah killed. Let us not slay one another, but wait for the recompense of the wicked to be brought about by God.

when one told me, ‘Behold, Saul is dead,’ and thought he was bringing good news, I seized him and killed him at Ziklag, which was the reward I gave him for his news. How much more, when wicked men have killed a righteous man in his own house on his bed, shall I not now require his blood at your hand and destroy you from the earth?” 2 Samuel 4:10-11

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