Friday, July 22, 2022

July 22, 2022

The process of healing our country seems to be taking too long, but we didn’t get here overnight. If the masses don’t wake up and see the hypocrisy, they will continue as victims of our wayward government. How long will God allow his children to live in distress? How long must we cry out to him? When will he take control and punish the treacherous actors for what they have done to his people? For the last couple of years, people have felt pressed to succumb to national mandates and comply as good citizens, but now, we are starting to see the government’s wicked scheme fall into place. Many well-meaning citizens have pressed into those who refused such mandates, trying to guilt them into compliance. However, now those who were once healthy are starting to see their bodies decline and realize that those who stood against these mandates were right. Our government has failed us by giving the pharmaceutical companies immunity from prosecution for their misdeeds. The news is not reporting it, but the hospitals and funeral homes know the truth. Pray for God’s hand to touch all those who complied and reverse the effects so they can live healthy and happy lives. 

For I heard a cry as of a woman in labor, anguish as of one giving birth to her first child, the cry of the daughter of Zion gasping for breath, stretching out her hands, “Woe is me! I am fainting before murderers.” Jeremiah 4:31

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