Sunday, August 8, 2021

August 8


A few months ago, I began making snacks for my dogs. I used to buy them chicken jerky until I found out part of the reason my dog was having stomach trouble was because of chicken. Who knew that a dog could be allergic to chicken? Thanks go to my niece for waking me up to the idea. Now, once every few weeks, I make them dry sliced beef for their snacks.

It amazes me the things you can accomplish when you begin thinking for yourself and explore options outside the ordinary. My dog is five years old, and he’s had this issue for his entire life! Not even one veterinarian suggested he might have an allergy to chicken; I know they can’t know everything, but they should have given me the idea to eliminate certain food products until I figured out what was causing his issue. Poor baby had been dealing with his sensitive stomach for his entire life. Instead of helping, they prescribed him an expensive dog food containing the very thing that caused him trouble.

It’s time for all of us to begin thinking for ourselves and consider that the items we consume may be leading to our health issues. We must carefully weigh the risks associated with what we put into our bodies because ultimately, it’s up to us to take our health seriously. Veterinarians know animals and doctors know humans. If my vet could miss such a simple solution to my dog's problem, I can guarantee that a doctor can miss diagnosing your problems. Do your research, consider a different web browser, one that doesn’t suppress or filter the information you receive. My favorite is DuckDuckGo. It’s time we all begin to think for ourselves and use the brain God gave us.

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