Friday, April 23, 2021

April 23

It’s not business as usual in the United States government. If Washington, DC becomes a state, it will officially close down the federal government's hold over the states as a foreign entity and its rule over us. At least that’s what I hope it means. Maybe then we will become a true constitutional republic. There will be no sovereign ground from which to rule. Yes, it may give them a couple more senators if the Senate approves it as a state; however, in my opinion, the states that initially annexed it should get it back. Will their sinister plan backfire? Absolutely! It seems like we are watching a movie! This movie has a happy ending, guaranteed! 

The television news is only a show, don’t believe it as truth. It’s all a part of the plan to program your mind. Turn it off, look around you; is it affecting your life right now? I’m pretty happy; my life is going pretty well. It’s business as usual in our household. Don’t be overcome by what you see on the screen of the “tel-lie-vision.” It’s called a “program” for a reason. Concentrate all your effort on worshipping God, praise him for his goodness, and thank him for his mercy; everything else is a nonissue.

Day 19 of counting the omer.

My tongue will sing of your word, for all your commandments are right. Let your hand be ready to help me, for I have chosen your precepts. I long for your salvation, O LORD, and your law is my delight. Let my soul live and praise you, and let your rules help me. Psalms 119:172-175

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