Tuesday, January 19, 2021

January 19

How can I offend you today? Oh, I know; I’ll tell you the truth! Do not be caught off guard! If our country’s current trajectory, as portrayed in the media, is to come to fruition, this may be one of my last posts. Like many of you, I am part of the problem because I believe in something more powerful than humanity. Together, we remind the guilty of their sinful nature, and they will try to eliminate us or confine us so their conscience will feel clear. Our country, going down this path, will lead the world in the same direction. If you are not praying for the good guys to win, you are part of the problem; being complacent on this issue puts you in the same category as them, blind! See, I told you I would offend you!

If what we, the conscious, are hearing in the undercurrents are true, then there will be more time to bring our loved ones to salvation, and the great awakening will begin. You will also see that everything you believed about our government was a lie, which is why we are in this predicament. Do not be afraid. When it seems that things are falling apart, they are only falling into place. If you have no idea what I am referring to, you need to pray for yourself, and you need to pray for God to wake you up before your world begins to spin out of control. Oh, look, I offended you again! Not sorry. Wake up, my fellow believers, and pay attention to the truth, or you’re going to get caught up in a web of lies that will cause you to fall to the ground riddled with fear! If you know Jesus, you know the truth!

I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. John 12:46

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