Saturday, September 19, 2020

September 19

When furnishing the kitchen of my second home, I chose not the purchase all new items; instead, I went to Salvation Army and got small appliances, cooking utensils, and other needed accessories. However, you don’t realize what you are missing until you need it, or in this case, want. I’ve enjoyed eating a cheesy, garlicky waffle to break my fast lately; it’s delicious and crispy. Trying to make the concoction as a pancake just isn’t as good. So yesterday, I took a trip to Salvation Army to see if they had a waffle iron, and to my surprise, they did, but they had it marked too high, an amount that I could get a new one! After finding a few other things, I headed to the checkout with the waffle iron in tow, to see if I could get it marked down; thankfully, they want to sell it as much as I want to buy it, and he agreed to mark it down, and I went home with my new, but slightly used appliance. 

The waffle I make has no grain in it; if you’re thinking, “how can she be off sugar and eat a waffle?” The answer is that it’s possible, but not ordinary; it’s more of a savory option. I consider it to be a bread replacement. 

As a teacher, I’m teaching what I’ve learned from the master. I give you tidbits of information that make it easier to understand the lesson, but I’m not the Master; I’m more like the moon or a star.

“The moon and the stars are lost when the sun rises.” Matthew Henry. 

Remember my waffle; it’s merely a bread replacement, not “the Bread!” As a teacher, I’m more like the Salvation Army, discounted, but still good, but not brand new like Jesus! If you want to know Jesus intimately, follow his footsteps through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. He is the Bread of life!

"Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst."  John 6:35

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