Thursday, August 30, 2018

August 30

There are many secrets hidden in everyday life. Each morning I give you stories of my life and those around me, things that seemingly have very little significance yet tell of the presence of God in all we do. Years ago, I heard Jesus tell me to follow His footsteps. So I began studying the gospel of John. Jesus always gave lessons using the things around Him, to help train and teach His disciples. It helped them remember the lessons and also showed how He is woven into everything. He began bringing to light the parables in what I was doing. The first one I remember the Holy Spirit pointing out was when I was pulling weeds. Weeds can signify sin, sinful people, or the enemy. Pulling weeds from the garden, makes your garden more beautiful. If you are growing vegetables and weeds come up with the new plants, you leave them in place, because if you pull them you may uproot your vegetables. We will always have to deal with the enemy, and sinful people because God is not ready to uproot us yet. He will separate us later. This is how the Word of God comes to life for me. In Ephesians 1, it talks about how wisdom and insight are made known to us by the mystery of his will. He has revealed the mystery! We know the secret because He has told us! It’s salvation through Jesus. The big secret is out, but pay attention to the valuable lessons that are available in everyday life, and for goodness sake, read your Bible!                               

making known to us the mystery of his will, according to his purpose, which he set forth in Christ Ephesians 1:9

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