Friday, February 2, 2018

February 2

Many look at church people and see them in their Sunday best, dressed up to present themselves as clean before others. They are sometimes seen as hypocrites, because many times their actions outside of church don’t reflect a Christlike attitude. Then there are people who want to attend church and feel that their attire is not acceptable to wear into a “holy” place. Jesus invited all of these people into His home; dressed up hypocrites and regular sinners! He reclined at the table with them! Imagine that, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Creator of the universe, hanging out with a bunch of regular people! It may be harder for the dressed up, proud “Christians” to hear the truth because they think they’ve got it already, but don’t you worry about them; be concerned about you! Humble yourself, because believe me, you’re not that good! We’ve ALL sinned and fallen short of the example of perfection, Jesus. 

And as he reclined at table in his house, many tax collectors and sinners were reclining with Jesus and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. Mark 2:15

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