Tuesday, October 24, 2017

October 24

One of my favorite fruits is the lemon. It can be used for a variety of different things including; lemonade, desserts, cleaner, cosmetics, and so much more. It seems fitting that, as a Florida girl, I should have a lemon tree in my yard. So, my husband and I prepared an area of our yard, dug a hole, put the tree in the ground, fertilized, and watered it. Then we had to keep it watered and control the insects and weeds, and then be patient and wait for it to bear fruit. Once it bears fruit, we get to consume its deliciousness! As workers for Christ, we are to do the same thing for the sake of the elect. We must cultivate and help prepare others for eternity. It’s a tough job, especially fending off the weeds and insects! And being we endure everything for the chosen, we will also reign with Him if we hold out to the end. It’s worth the fight, for we want to leave no one behind!

It is the hard-working farmer who ought to have the first share of the crops. 2 Timothy 2:6

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