Sunday, May 19, 2024

May 19, 2024

In 2 Kings 9, we find that Ahaziah, king of Judah, was shot by Jeho's men and died in Megiddo. Now that the king of Judah was dead, in 2 Kings 11, Athaliah, Ahaziah's mother and sister to Jezebel, wanted to rule the kingdom, so she killed everyone related to the king so there would be no heirs to the throne. However, Ahaziah's sister, who was also the wife of the priest, Jehoiada, stole Joash, the one-year-old son of Ahaziah, and hid him in the temple to save his life. When Joash was seven years old, Jehoiada, who helped raise Joash, began arranging the military to help secure the temple and the king's home so it wouldn't be destroyed in anger by Athaliah and her sympathizers when she found out she could no longer rule. Then, in a ceremony at the temple, Jehoiada anointed the young man's head with oil and crowned him king of Judah. Athaliah heard the commotion, ran into the temple, and saw Joash was crowned, then she tore her clothes and cried treason. Isn't it funny that the usurper and treasonous queen called the rightful king a usurper? The guilty always try to make the innocent look like they are the ones who are guilty, but the truth always comes to light. Jehoiada didn't want her blood spilled in the temple, so they chased her back to the king's house and killed her with the sword at the horse gate. Jehoiada made a covenant with the Lord, and all the idols of Baal and their priests were destroyed. Joash began to rule, being advised by Jehoiada, the priest, who was also his father figure. 

God only allows the wicked to rule for so long before he sets a good king on the throne because of the cries of his people and one who will follow his ways and bring the government and His house together as one. Wait for it; it will surely come. 

And all the people of the land rejoiced, and the city was in quiet: and they slew Athaliah with the sword beside the king's house. Seven years old was Jehoash when he began to reign. 2 Kings 11:20-21

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