Saturday, March 16, 2024

March 16, 2024

David was anointed king of Judah after the death of Saul. However, Saul had another son, Ishbosheth, and Abner anointed him king of Israel. He reigned until his death, which lasted two years. The kingdom was divided for that short time. Civil war broke out, with most of the casualties being on the side of Israel, where Abner, the commander of Saul’s army, challenged Joab, David’s army commander, to a dual of twelve men on each side. They fought, and all twenty-four died. When it was all said and done, there were 360 men killed on Israel’s side and only nineteen for Judah. It is thought that David held them back from annihilating them because he cared about them. There was a side story about a strong runner, Asahel, who pursued Abner, who wouldn’t turn away from chasing after him after being warned many times, so Abner slewed him with the butt end of his spear. Asahel was good at running but not good at fighting. 

The lesson is to engage in challenges where God has strengthened you with certain gifts. David’s army was strong, but Abner’s men were not ready to fight a valiant warrior like David and his army. Asahel, on the other hand, though strong in running, wasn’t up to challenging a man of war like Abner. Stay in your lane and engage when God prompts you through the Holy Spirit; that’s when you know you will be successful.

Then Abner called to Joab, and said, Shall the sword devour for ever? knowest thou not that it will be bitterness in the latter end? how long shall it be then, ere thou bid the people return from following their brethren? And Joab said, As God liveth, unless thou hadst spoken, surely then in the morning the people had gone up every one from following his brother. So Joab blew a trumpet, and all the people stood still, and pursued after Israel no more, neither fought they any more. 2 Samuel 2:26-28

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