Friday, February 16, 2024

February 16, 2024

We make a mistake in expecting God to intervene on our behalf when we haven't confessed and repented our sin. Israel, thinking they had the upper hand over the Philistines and God on their side, engaged in war against them for oppressing them. However, they didn't enquire of God beforehand and lost. They tried again, but they took the Ark of the Covenant with them this time. According to God's word, they were not supposed to move it once he told them where to place it. Eli's sons, who were evil, carried it into battle. The Philistines heard Israel rejoicing over the Ark and got scared but decided to fight harder. Israel was confident because of the Ark, but they treated it like an idol rather than a visual reminder of God's presence. Israel was slaughtered! Eli's sons were both killed, and the Ark was stolen. After hearing his sons were dead and the Ark was stolen, Eli fell backward, broke his neck, and died. Phinehas, one of Eli's son's wife who was pregnant, heard the news of her husband and the Ark and went into labor and died. Before dying, she named her son Ichabod, "the glory is departed from Israel: because the Ark of God was taken," which means God has left. 

"Let none think to shelter themselves from the wrath of God under the cloak of a visible profession, for there will be those cast into outer darkness that have eaten and drunk in Christ's presence." Matthew Henry

Make sure confession and repentance are always on the tip of your tongue, especially when wanting God's help in a matter.

The Philistines understood and revered the presence of God more than Israel.

And the Philistines were afraid, for they said, God is come into the camp. And they said, Woe unto us! for there hath not been such a thing heretofore. 1 Samuel 4:7

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