Friday, November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023

One thing I'm learning from the study of the Pentateuch, Law of Moses, the first five books of the Bible is that God does not like to hear complaining, especially when your faith wavers. I'm also learning the amazing grace of God through Jesus Christ, our Savior! Numbers 20 jumps to around the 40-year mark of wandering in the wilderness, and Miriam dies. The people then complain about not having water. Moses and Aaron bowed before God; he gave them instruction to take Aaron's rod from the Tabernacle and speak to the rock for water. Here's where things go terribly wrong; instead of speaking to it, they said words they shouldn't have, almost acting like it was from them that the miracle of water came, "must we fetch you water out of this rock?" and then Moses struck the rock twice. God didn't tell them to do either. Shortly after, Aaron found out he was going to die, so they ventured to the top of the mountain, where his garments were passed on to Eleazar, his son. God didn't want him dying in the priestly garments. He was laid to rest on Mt. Hor. 

Use this as an example when you are going through a rough time; don't complain, don't blame God for your circumstances, and look for the action he is taking on your behalf. It's there; you just need to recognize what he's doing. Praise him in the valley, praise him as you ascend, praise him on the mountain top. It will go well with us to never utter a disparaging word about God; he is our everything! Love him with all your heart.

And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them. Numbers 20:12

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