Saturday, October 21, 2023

October 21, 2023

The Levites were parted from the other Israelites as servants of God in his Tabernacle. They replaced the firstborn of the Israelites; God wanted them to be raised together with service to him as an example in their daily lives. They would begin ministering at the age of 25, most likely training and learning, and at 30, participate in the daily offerings and the tearing down, carrying, and raising of the Tabernacle when they moved. This makes perfect sense why Jesus started his ministry at the age of 30, doesn't it? We don't really know who belongs to Israel anymore; time has only served to destroy that lineage. Many have come in to usurp their authority and have sullied their good name. However, because of our salvation in Jesus, we are Israel and the new priest of his temple, the Levites. He has parted us out as his servants, and we are to do the work of the Tabernacle and keep the light of his word lit so all can see it. We are to train others in his service, especially our children, and bring them in as holy workers unto the Lord. 

What we are watching unfold on television is not about God's holy people; we are His holy people and are called by his name, the name of Christ. Paul said we are grafted in; it's in the Bible, so I believe it. The people stirring the pot are only making you think that His people are being destroyed, but that is a lie; we are God's people and are scattered all over the world. All the madness we are seeing is propaganda to feed the war machine and make money for the selected few. Don't get caught up in it; much of it is artificial intelligence based on lies; therefore, no human should be sacrificed based on those lies. Focus on Jesus; he is our peace, and pray for the truth to be revealed for all to see. 

For they are wholly given unto me from among the children of Israel; instead of such as open every womb, even instead of the firstborn of all the children of Israel, have I taken them unto me. Numbers 8:16

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