Tuesday, September 19, 2023

September 19, 2023

Even though Leviticus is a little boring, we can always glean something from it. Chapter 4 shows that God is understanding of our ignorance. He knew the people didn't comprehend every law completely, but even then, they were held accountable and must repent. If a priest or an entire congregation sins, they must sacrifice a bull. That was a pretty hefty price for sin back then. Even by the standards of today, that's a serious price. However, I noticed that a priest is held to a higher standard than a ruler. If a ruler sins, he must sacrifice a male baby goat and a common person is held to less account can sacrifice a female baby goat. 

These scriptures show why things are wonky today; common people are held more responsible for their actions than preachers or lawmakers; we don't see many of them paying the price for their sins nowadays. I'm waiting on pins and needles for that to change; what a glorious day to finally see the governing authorities pay the price for their malfeasance. Not only them, but it will also be fantastic to see the false preachers and teachers held to account for leading the common people down the wrong path. I suspect there may be a lot of unlearning that needs to take place and a relearning of the truth in our future. Wait for it; it will happen!

Today, as we approach the Day of Atonement and diligently ask forgiveness during these holy days, repent of any unintentional sin.

I can't imagine sacrificing one of these sweet cows.  

Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a soul shall sin through ignorance against any of the commandments of the LORD concerning things which ought not to be done, and shall do against any of them: Leviticus 4:2

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