Sunday, August 21, 2022

August 21, 2022

Poor Jeremiah. He was locked away in prison because they didn't like his prophecy. But they were so intrigued by what he had to say that they moved him to the court of the prison where the elders and the king's officers might consult him with greater ease. He spoke out against the government, and they threw him in jail! Has anybody here been put in Facebook prison for speaking out and telling the truth? Facebook has become boring since it started cracking down and limiting free speech. I tread carefully in my post by trying to avoid certain words that might get caught in the algorithm, so my voice continues to stand out, but I still get censored occasionally. I haven't been banned from Facebook but have received limitations and had posts shadow banned from the newsfeed. I prayed for years for God to give me a voice, and I'm not about to lose it because of petty censorship. Jeremiah didn't stop saying what God told him just because they imprisoned him. They may not have liked what he said, but he still said it, whether or not it cost him his life; he wasn't going to disobey God. We should be as bold as Jeremiah and speak out so that all people hear the truth of God's word. 

The word of the LORD came to Jeremiah a second time, while he was still shut up in the court of the guard: “Thus says the LORD who made the earth, the LORD who formed it to establish it—the LORD is his name: Jeremiah 33:1-2

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