Wednesday, October 13, 2021

October 13

Shortly after a new study reported in the Jerusalem Post that aspirin helps reduce the severity of COVID-19, the media told people to stop taking it! What do you think about that? It made me angry at the audacity of those news outlets conspiring to kill people. Look it up for yourselves, but you have to use a different platform other than Google; they are co-conspirators in this crime against humanity. Aspirin is cheap! However, it will cut into the profits of the pharmaceutical companies who are pushing for you to get their gene therapy, so they must put all their efforts into either debunking the study or find a new reason for you to stop taking this cheap and safe medication. We are living in a tyrannical world! 

October 6

Dr. Jonathan Chow, one of the study's researchers, said, "As we learned about the connection between blood clots and COVID-19, we knew that aspirin — used to prevent stroke and heart attack — could be important for COVID-19 patients. Our research found an association between low-dose aspirin and decreased severity of COVID-19 and death."

October 12

(CNN)The US Preventive Services Task Force is considering making several changes to its guidance on taking a daily aspirin to prevent heart disease and stroke... "The latest evidence is clear: starting a daily aspirin regimen in people who are 60 or older to prevent a first heart attack or stroke is not recommended," Task Force member Dr. Chien-Wen Tseng said in a statement.

I’m not posting this information to make you fearful, but to make you aware of what the devil is doing so you can pray against him, and so you know the truth about world events. I found this interesting and believe it has everything to do with what we are experiencing right now:

Strong's Concordance

apokalupsis: an uncovering

Original Word: ποκάλυψις, εως, 

Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine

Transliteration: apokalupsis

Phonetic Spelling: (ap-ok-al'-oop-sis)

Definition: an uncovering

Usage: an unveiling, uncovering, revealing, revelation.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the word apocalypse. It is an unveiling of the truth. We need to know the truth about current events so we can watch as the LORD defeats our enemy! The more you know, the better you will be prepared for the events that are in the making. We are living in an exciting time! I thank God that he trusted me enough to allow me to live through such a time as this.

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