Wednesday, March 18, 2020

March 18

CANCELLED!! Everything is cancelled. Restaurants are closed, theme parks are closed, gatherings are cancelled, you name it, and it has been cancelled. Is God forcing a Sabbath rest? Though one president said we are not, we are a Christian nation, founded on the principles of the Bible. If God forced the Jews to rest, is he forcing us to rest? Other nations are also being forced to rest; if the world is involved, maybe it’s a sign that God is fed-up with the antics of the people, and is doing something about it. It’s almost like he pressed a reset button, and all the world had to take notice. Take notice: the schools in Florida will be closed until beyond Passover, and most schools internationally are doing the same thing! Hmm. My fellow believers, pay attention, get right with God, our time on this earth may be cut short; only God knows, but out of an abundance of caution, we should always be prepared for what may come next. If Jesus kept the Passover, why don’t we? He was the Lamb that was slain, once for all. We should, in the very least, honor Jesus during this time.

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