Saturday, February 29, 2020

February 29

Growing up in cattle country, you learn the value of livestock, especially coming from a long line of cattlemen. The county fair was always the best part of the year; as a 4-H’er, and then as I got older, a member of the FFA, it was then that I got to display all of my hard work from the year before. Each year my dad would help me choose a steer from a herd, and then we would train it on a lead, and I would feed it over the course of several months, fattening it up for the fair. Then at fair time, I would bring my steer to compete with others who were doing the same thing; it would then be judged to see if it was good enough to win a prize. I did well, even winning Grand Champion one year! After the competition, it would be put up for sale, and then slaughtered for its meat. After many years of showing steers, and then selling them, I was able to buy my first car. 

Reading about the required sacrifices for the prescribed offerings for sin, and guilt, it’s easy to see how hefty the price was for the Israelites. Because they had to give up a perfectly good bull as an offering for their sin, I imagine they tried very hard to tow-the-line, and refrain from sinning. When you look at it like this, you can see how valuable Jesus is to all of us. Most people couldn’t have afforded to be a sinner. I hope this helps you understand the value of Jesus’s sacrifice for us. 

And he shall bring to the priest as his compensation to the LORD a ram without blemish out of the flock, or its equivalent, for a guilt offering. And the priest shall make atonement for him before the LORD, and he shall be forgiven for any of the things that one may do and thereby become guilty.” Leviticus 6:6-7

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