Wednesday, February 19, 2020

February 19

Do you think that God has left us alone on this planet to do as we please without consequences? When the Israelites turned away from him and began to worship the golden calf, he didn’t say, ‘Oh well, they’ll come back to me one day.’ No, three thousand men were killed by the son’s of Levi, then God sent a plague among the people; and that was after Moses prayed for them! Imagine the devastation if Moses hadn’t prayed! God also said that any who sinned, he would blot their names from his book. 

One of the attributes of God is that he is unchanging, so the wrath that he poured out against Israel, because of their sin, should be expected today. These people who spit in the face of God, kill our babies, and proclaim that wrong is right, and right is wrong, will face the consequences of his wrath. You may wish that he sends the sword, and a plague as he did back then, but many among us would fall, never to experience the grace of Jesus. 

Pray hard for your friends and family, and any who are destined for hell; pray that they turn before it’s too late, and that he restrains from his wrath long enough for you to see their salvation.

Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may burn hot against them and I may consume them, in order that I may make a great nation of you.” Exodus 32:10

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