Thursday, July 18, 2019

July 18

It was late, and the grocery store was about to close, but I needed cheese for sandwiches for the next day, so I couldn’t wait. There was only one cashier opened and the line was getting long. The store sent another cashier over to help alleviate the stress on the one. I hurried over and got in the other line. There was another man that was ahead of me in the original line, so while I was trying to get him to go first, another guy tried to go around me! I was obviously next, because I was already there! I didn’t let the rude person ahead of me because he was being forceful and almost ran over me! His momma didn’t raise him right! I set my things down on the conveyor belt, and asked the other guy again if he wanted to go ahead of us, but he chose not to. What happened to being polite? Is common courtesy dead? God help the people of the “me first” generation. I’m sure he was drunk or high, but I made him wait. Sometimes we must wait, and though the wait may seem long, the timing is perfect and unfolds as planned. As for the rude guy, I’m sure God has a plan to straighten him out, in the meantime, he got a little dose of me trying to even things up.

"Moreover, wine is a traitor, an arrogant man who is never at rest. His greed is as wide as Sheol; like death he has never enough. He gathers for himself all nations and collects as his own all peoples.” Habakkuk 2:5

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