Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 23

When I walked into my pool area, I noticed a dragonfly was caught in the screened enclosure. It kept bumping against the screen looking for a way out, to no avail. It's now stuck in an area where there is no way for its life to be sustained. Do you ever feel like that? Maybe you keep bumping into walls, or like the dragonfly, you're stuck in a screened enclosure where you can see freedom but there is something blocking your way. When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, He released you from your prison, the walls are gone! Just like when the Israelites gained their freedom from Egypt, that had to learn how to live free. It wasn't easy for them, they kept wanting to turn back to their captivity. That's why God gave them so many rules to live by. It was to change their thought process and to train them to rely upon Him. God's Word is a book that points you in the direction of freedom. Don't look at it like a book of rules, look at it as a tool to break you out of your bondage, the keys to the jail cell in your mind. God's Word is full of power and freedom, use it to your advantage!

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

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