Friday, May 26, 2017

May 26

The summer kickoff is just around the corner and soon vacations will be underway. Though my husband and I are empty nesters, some of our fondest memories are of vacations with our kids. We waited many years for our youngest son to reach the age of twelve so we could all become certified scuba divers as a family. We spent an entire summer taking classes and getting out there and experiencing underwater life. One thing we didn't have to experience was having a child wander off during vacation. Can you imagine leaving your child in a city that you just visited? It must have been horrifying for Joseph and Mary when they left Jesus in Jerusalem while there for the Passover Feast. It took them three days to find Him! Though we must remember, Jesus was always God, even as a twelve year old. He was found at the temple amazing those who heard Him. Your child is not God, so be careful not to leave them in the city!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. John 1:1-2

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

This story can be found in Luke 2:41-50.

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