Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 14

God will often stretch us beyond where our minds intend for us to go. He allows us to feel discomfort and uneasiness to help train us for His service. We open the door to that by letting Him use us as a tool to increase His kingdom. I've heard His voice telling me to try something new, a different way of communicating the message of His love. Almost as soon as I heard it, the enemy jumped in to try and overtake me. I almost fell for it because for just a moment, I thought to myself, I won't have to do battle if I just ignore this voice and turn my back on my promotion in His service. Then I remembered, this is not my battle! This is God's battle, I just have to stand strong by removing my own will, and let Him fill me with His strength and power to help sustain me during this process of growth. If you are not in a battle at this time, rest up! You will face challenges during a period of growth, but keep in mind that the battle belongs to God.

For you equipped me with strength for the battle; you made those who rise against me sink under me. You made my enemies turn their backs to me, and those who hated me I destroyed. Psalms 18:39-40

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