Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7

Sometimes we are put into situations just to see how we will react or handle it. Does God test us and if so, and does the enemy have a role to play? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes! I have a friend who creates these magnificent displays that are called Sailors Valentines. It is art made from tiny seashells. She entered her artwork in a contest and received first place ribbons on all three of her entries. She was so honored to have won, but very humble. Her friend took pictures and shared the photos with everyone. They went back the next day and one of her awards had changed to second place. It was a crushing blow. Why would you do that to someone? The excuse was that the award was placed on the wrong artists' work. My friend was very gracious in her disappointment, but never soiled her reputation or testimony during the process. She passed the test! Are you passing the test?

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold. My foot has held fast to his steps; I have kept his way and have not turned aside. I have not departed from the commandment of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion of food. Job 23:10-12

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